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Bracelet CUSPIS

925‰ sterling silver bracelet with natural pearls
Weight 16.38 g

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Product details

Weight: 16.38 g

Sizes: Ø 60,5 mm

Stones: Pearl

Bracelet CUSPIS


All the Pianegonda jewelry is made of sterling silver, masterfully finished using traditional jewelry techniques and galvanic baths that ensure its appearance will last over time

Bracelet CUSPIS


The Pianegonda jewelry exclusively features natural pearls. These pearls occur spontaneously when a microscopic parasite or object remains trapped within the mantle folds of an oyster, or with human intervention, when a foreign body is grafted into the mantle tissue of an oyster or a clam, activating the same natural process that creates a pearl.




Inspired by the spine, the elements of this collection are deliberately contradictory. Silver worked into sharp geometric shapes encounters the heat of pearls. An antithesis that blossoms into real works of art, for an unusual and elegant effect.



Pianegonda packaging

Pianegonda jewels are shipped with the original case and shopper.