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Necklace ANGUIS

925‰ sterling silver nacklace with 3 lapis lazuli and white zircons pavé
Weight 19.00 g

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Weight: 19.00 g

Sizes: total lenght 540+30 mm – pendant 62 mm

Stones: zircon, Lapislazuli

Necklace ANGUIS


All the Pianegonda jewelry is made of sterling silver, masterfully finished using traditional jewelry techniques and galvanic baths that ensure its appearance will last over time

Necklace ANGUIS


Has a hardness close to that of Topaz and a very high index of refraction. Its intense shine and brilliance give it a brilliant sparkle like a Diamond.

Necklace ANGUIS


Il termine lapislazzuli deriva dal latino lapis, “pietra”, e dall’arabo lazhward, “azzurro”. Questo allumosilicato di sodio con zolfo e cloro, la cui formazione avviene nel corso della metamorfosi del calcio in marmo, ha un aspetto quasi omogeneo e un caratteristico colore azzurro intenso; inoltre, la presenza del ferro determina la formazione di inclusioni piritiche color oro.




Sinuous curves recall the shapes of waves. A play of colors reminding us of treasures hidden in the depths of the sea.



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